Our Services

Project Management & Construction Management


ESS project management services covers all aspects from inception to completion. We treat each project individually with a unique approach and attention to detail to find the most effective way of fulfilling our client’s requirements. ESS helps our clients maintain control of all aspects, quality, cost, programme, safety and delivery. We promote effective working relationships between all parties involved to ensure good communication leads to better results. This reduces technical risks, prevents errors, controls the budget and keeps everything moving to the pre-planned schedule. Our project management services provide you with comprehensive supervision, specialist cleaning, inspection and commissioning services for all types of projects-no matter what size or location.

ESS ca be regarded as a one stop shop for all construction requirements, from new builds to refurbishing existing buildings . We have engineering and architectural teams on hand to survey, 3D drawings and give their technical assessment before offering solutions to suit the requirements and budget of the project.

We are able to perform any given construction based services from resealing, re roofing, tiling, resurfacing, groundworks to the finishing touches we are equipped with the knowledge to handle all your requirements.



Prevention is the best cure. Preventative maintenance carried out by professionals to prevent problems arising, to put faults right, and to ensure everything is working effectively and is safe to use. In accordance with all international standards.

Over time, things start to wear out, and regular upkeep is needed. If you’re just beginning to implement a preventive maintenance program, or reworking old processes, ESS can help by creating and managing a detailed list of what needs to be checked. including major building systems such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, as well as the general building condition and cleanliness.

Once we have established what items are priority then ESS  create a preventive maintenance checklist organized by the categories that make sense for your team and your building. Then work these inspections into your monthly or yearly schedule as needed. Getting everyone into the habit of completing preventive maintenance inspections regularly will keep your building and equipment in the best shape.

Having a preventive maintenance checklist and procedures make staying on top of regular maintenance easy, no matter what limitations you might have in terms of staff, time, and budget. Creating a preventive maintenance program will save money by including these planned repairs into your budget and schedule, avoiding the high costs of an emergency repair.

Proper maintenance will increase reliability, as well as having the cost benefits of better productivity and efficiency.

Inspection Services


Regardless of your geographical location you will need to comply with national and local building regulations. Our building inspection services assess your project in accordance with the unique requirements of the country you are operating in. We offer you unrivaled experience and we have the skills you need for comprehensive assessment and inspection regardless of size or location.

Our inspection services help ensure that your equipment and systems are functioning properly and meet the requirements specified in the applicable local and international building, safety, fire and energy installation codes. Impartial and professional judgment - helping to ensure that the juristic management is in legal compliance.

Fabrication & Repair


ESS can provide full service welding, repair and fabrication in Thailand. We provide services to oil and gas, petrochemical ,industrial, commercial sector. Our services include mig, tig and stick welding of many types of metal including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel. Our engineers and fabricators work closely together with our clients to provide custom built solutions to fulfil their requirements ensuring every project is completed to the highest standards 

Solar Technology


ESS is your one stop shop for all you solar requirements. We can offer consultation, design, installation, after sales for utility to commercial sized projects. We are committed to increasing awareness and access to sustainable energy technology in South East Asia. A variety of financing models are available with seamless integration to ensure that there is no disruption to your energy usage.

Procurement & Logistics


 With our wide network of suppliers and sourcing agents both locally and internationally, we can also take care of your wider procurement needs. Our established freight forwarding partners have vast experience in processing importation of equipment and consumables. Whatever your requirement, our staff are geared up to locate it and get it to you in double quick time and at a very competitive price. 

ESS provide integrated project logistics management and cargo transportation services. We are strategically placed within the ASEAN region, providing the needed experience, knowledge, and capabilities for challenges that are encountered when dealing with project execution. ESS employ ‘out of the box’ thinking in order to create and implement effective solutions.